Consignment Services & Buyouts

Do you have an authentic luxury handbag you would like to sell? We would love to help you. ALL items must be AUTHENTIC. We only accept new or gently pre-loved items. We accept CHANEL, Gucci, Louis Vuitton & YSL and sometimes other luxury brands (Prada, Hermes, Valentino, Celine).

We have two options for you depending on how quick you want to sell. 

1. BUYOUT at a negotiated price. 

2. Sale on CONSIGNMENT with Lucky Divas Boutique. 

  • Consignment Fees: 
    • 20% commission fee on total sale price. Seller is also responsible for payment fees.   
  • Payment is issued once the item sells via Zelle, Paypal Friends/Family or other approved electronic methods.

Here are the steps to inquire about CONSIGNMENT SERVICES

  1. Contact us by DIRECT MESSAGE to: 
  • Please send clear photos and describe any defects/flaws to avoid the item being returned to you at your cost or possible quote adjustments. 
  • NOTE All items must be authentic and proof of authentication is required. Lucky Divas recommends using  It's only a $15 Paypal fee for verbal confirmation. 
  • If we come to an agreement to consign your item you will ship to Lucky Divas Boutique at your cost. 
  • Once the item is received, we will take photos of your item and place for sale at the agreed price on our website & social media pages. Price adjustments will be discussed with the seller prior to any changes.
  • When the item sells you will receive payment for your item. If item is sold on a BUY NOW Pay Later platform, please allow 5-10 business days to process the payment. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Some items take longer to sell and a lot of time and effort is put into selling each item. For these reasons please allow a minimum of 45 days to request return if item hasn't sold. Requested returns will be at the expense of the seller plus a $50 Fee.